Hello, my name is Kamlesh Panchal.I am an Embedded IOT Engineer.I have more than 4 year experience in IOT domain. I worked with Arduino,Raspberrypi,STM32 Arm cortex M3,Texas Instrument CC3200 Development board.I worked with various Embedded communication protocol UART,SPI,I2C,RS232,USB.I worked with BLE,WIFI,Xbee,RF,GSM wireless communication technologies.I love Python,Embedded C,JAVA,Lua programming languages.I worked with different IOT Cloud platform AWS IOT,Azure IOT,Thingsboard.
I am big fan of Ironman.In my free time, I build new creative things to solve a problem.

I am an IOT council member.This is my Blog site where I write and publish blog related to the Internet of Things Technology. who is interested to learn IOT development. here I write a blog for beginner to advance level.so don’t miss any update.

Have any question? contact on kp@kamleshpanchal.com

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