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Streaming Sensor Data in Real-Time and Visualize with Thingsboard IOT Platform.

Thingsboard is an open-source IoT platform for IoT devices data collection,processing,visualize and device management.It support all standard IoT protocols MQTT,COAP, and HTTPS.It available on cloud and also we can deploy Thingsboard on our own server.also it is open-source so we can modify this platform as our requirement.

I built small IoT prototype with Thingsboard IoT platform.I Streamed Temperature,Humidity and Light Intensity sensor data and visualize with Thingsboard.

I used this following MCU and sensors for this prototype.

  • TI CC3200 Launchpad
  • DHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor
  • LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) Sensor

Technical Architecture

I used Texas Instrument CC3200 WiFi launchpad.this has onboard wifi chip so it can connect to wifi easily.i connected DHT11 temperature,humidity sensor with CC3200 MCU and this send both sensors real-time data to Thingsboard IoT platform and visualized this sensor data with different widgets on Thingsboard.

Thingsboard Realtime Data Visualization

thingsboard dashboard

Prototype Image

Demonstration Video

See all Code on Github

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